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Colombian born, Los Angeles based producer, sound engineer and performer.


After working as a stage hand and sound company assistant from 1993-1996 Alejandro attended California Recording Institute's Recording Engineering Program in San Francisco, CA in 1997, opened his first recording studio in 1999 after becoming a certified Pro Tools operator and has been active ever since, tracking, mixing material for renowned metal artists like Inquisition, Exhumed, Gruesome, Brujeria and others and serving as a live sound engineer and stage technician to several touring performers like Carcass, DEVO, Blondie, Fear Factory and more. He's also been a session musician, performing live and in the studio with the likes of Nausea, Vallenfyre, Agony and DDLM. He currently resides in the Los Angeles, where he runs AC Studios and plays guitar and bass for metal acts like Pounder and a couple others projects.


Recent credits include Inquisition's new acclaimed album "Black Mass for a Mass Grave, Exhumed's back to form masterpiece "Horror" and Pounder's anthemic 2020 album "Breaking the World" among others.

Other notable credits include production and engineering of the highly anticipated second Cartilage full length, tracking of the new Dipygus album "Bush Meat", mastering of the upcoming Noisem album "Diabolic Vivification" and production and engineering of the new Scarecrow EP "Raise the Death's Head". Currently in the works, Exhumed's 2022 new record, new Black Water Sunset album and Pounder album #3


Alejandro Corredor

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